The Pawpaw Report – August 26, 2016


Pawpaws in the deepest South are all but finished.

Pawpaws in the Atlanta area are ripe now. [Chattahoochee pawpaws. Chattahoochee Custard Apples?]

In South Carolina, reporter Thelisha Casey enjoyed a ripe pawpaw in the Congaree National Park. #nps100

Pawpaws in Winston-Salem are peaking, if not waning. If you read this today or tomorrow, drive swiftly but safely to Winston-Salem–Saturday is the North Carolina Pawpaw Festival!

A pawpaw cultivar feast was had in Asheville, North Carolina.

Casey Trees, in Washington D.C., has at least one ripe pawpaw.

A Virginian told me they got their first pawpaw this week.

Pawpaws in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, are not yet ripe.

In Pittsburgh, we’re still maybe a week away. Most of the pawpaws are solid as rock.

If you’re north of Pittsburgh, your pawpaws shouldn’t be ripe. If you they are, that’s special, so give me a call.




Pawpaw Tasting Event! Get your tickets!

Pawpaw Tasting Event!

Thursday, September 19th, taste the largest, edible fruit native to the United Sates: pawpaw!  There will be lots of fresh pawpaw fruit, pawpaw ice-cream, pawpaw-filled cupcakes, pawpaw seeds for the taking, and a raffle for two, two-year-old pawpaw trees.  $40.  Limited to 15 guests.

The event is a fundraiser for my travels on the pawpaw trail, hunting wild fruit, and collecting the stories of pawpaw growers and eaters across the Eastern U.S.

The event will be held at 1501 Buena Vista Street (Buena Vista Coffee), Pittsburgh, PA, 15212.  7:30 p.m