The Pawpaw Report, September 8, 2017

In a particular backyard in Pittsburgh, PA, fruit began to ripen on August 16th. By the 1st of September, more than half of all fruits had been picked or fallen, it seemed.

Elsewhere in Pittsburgh, few fruits were anywhere near ripe around September 1.

Meanwhile, around August 14th, more than 400 miles to the south, fruit in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was also in full production.

And in middle Tennessee, reports indicated that by the end of August pawpaws were just starting to trickle in. It’s suspected that a late freeze, and then a cooler season, affected blooms and pollination, and then ripening times, respectively.

Fruit from a particular tree in Nashville, TN, weighed in at 15 oz. Hopes are that this fruit will make an appearance at the contest at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival.

In southern Louisiana, pawpaw came on fast, in mid-July. By August 11th they were nearly gone.

Good news: once again, you can order pawpaws online. Earthy Delights’ pawpaw sources are in production, and shipping now.

On the other hand, Rocky Point Blueberries (and pawpaws), in Rhode Island, is reporting a lower-than-hoped-for pawpaw crop, and therefore will not be taking online orders. They still have pawpaws though, you just have to visit their farm stand on the 14th and the 21st of October, according to their website, “beginning at 9 am until we sell out. In the past, this has been within an hour.”

To some extent, pawpaws remain a local thing, and take a little work. And that’s alright.


Pawpaw tree, in a lot. Elkview, West Virginia. 2016.


One thought on “The Pawpaw Report, September 8, 2017

  1. Hello Andrew,
    My name is desmond, I am a horticulturist in Wisconsin very interested in pawpaws. My dad got me interested about 15 years ago when I helped him plant a couple trees. I have only gotten more interested since. MY family and I made it to the Ohio pawpaw festival this year! The main reason I’m writing to you is because I have read your book(its great- very well done, thank you!) and have since been out in the woods here in Wisconsin trying to locate the Native groves! I have been in contact with lots of people trying to aid in my search but I have been unsuccessful. The map in your book/other maps I’ve found are hard to go off of. Can you offer any more info on where in Wisconsin I may find them? Or someone I may contact here in Wisconsin to help me on my search? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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