The Pawpaw Report – September 7, 2016


Pawpaws in the gardens of central North Carolina are nearly finished. They may linger elsewhere in the state, and in wild places. Back in the swamps.

Pawpaws in central Kentucky orchards are in full swing. Wild pawpaws are ripening and falling. (And it’s a good year too–fine eating in the orchards and the woods).



Pawpaw in a creek near Frankfort, Kentucky. September 1, 2016. Photo: Andrew Moore

Wild pawpaws in Clifton, Virginia–the report is to come.

Pawpaws in the gardens and orchards of southern Indiana are ripe.

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Jerry Lehman, of Terre Haute, Indiana, shows a ripe pawpaw to fellow participants of Kentucky State University’s 4th International Pawpaw Conference. September 1st, 2016. Photo: Andrew Moore



A pawpaw was picked from near The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s historic home east of Nashville, Tennessee. It was delicious, and stood out. I recall dark orange flesh.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, pawpaws are ripe near rivers, and falling on heads.

In southern Ohio, many flowers were hit by the late frost. This is true elsewhere, including southwest Pennsylvania, Maryland, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. In Michigan, however, after a few poor years, growers seem poised for a good crop–an advantage this year for northern growers.

Still, pawpaws are ripening now in southern Ohio.

And a few pawpaws in the Pittsburgh area are beginning to fall.


Expat dispatch: A pawpaw falls in Utah. (KSU-Atwood was the first to fall this year in that particular garden).


4 thoughts on “The Pawpaw Report – September 7, 2016

  1. Andy, Thanks for this report!

    I am still getting a few sunflower, shenandoah, and a few very puny rappahannock, all the big raps are long gone.


  2. Hurricane Hermme’s passing, Westerly! Rhode Island on September 5th knocked two of this years first paw paws, from my Wabash, to the ground. They were smaller than the rest on the tree, but were very tasty !!
    Can anyone recommend other earlier varieties good for the northeast

  3. Thank you for the report. It was very interesting to read about the different stages in the ripening of the paws from multiple regions. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to visiting a paw paw orchard in Michigan. We look forward to this time of year just to get the creamy and sweet taste of paw paws.

  4. I have 3 Pennsylvania Golden PawPaws that have fruited the past 3 years and they will be ready to eat around the end of September, early October. My trees are young and have 50 fruits that I have counted on them.
    I live in a town called Beamsville,Niagara Region, Ontario.

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