The Pawpaw Report – August 26, 2016


Pawpaws in the deepest South are all but finished.

Pawpaws in the Atlanta area are ripe now. [Chattahoochee pawpaws. Chattahoochee Custard Apples?]

In South Carolina, reporter Thelisha Casey enjoyed a ripe pawpaw in the Congaree National Park. #nps100

Pawpaws in Winston-Salem are peaking, if not waning. If you read this today or tomorrow, drive swiftly but safely to Winston-Salem–Saturday is the North Carolina Pawpaw Festival!

A pawpaw cultivar feast was had in Asheville, North Carolina.

Casey Trees, in Washington D.C., has at least one ripe pawpaw.

A Virginian told me they got their first pawpaw this week.

Pawpaws in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, are not yet ripe.

In Pittsburgh, we’re still maybe a week away. Most of the pawpaws are solid as rock.

If you’re north of Pittsburgh, your pawpaws shouldn’t be ripe. If you they are, that’s special, so give me a call.




5 thoughts on “The Pawpaw Report – August 26, 2016

  1. Andy- Thanks for your report. I have eight trees here Eastern Shore MD but almost no fruit this year. Not sure if late freeze got blossoms or just not pollinated. I hang stinky catfish bait in the trees and it does not work for me. I don’t have the patience to hand pollinate.

    Question: what is THE best stinky fly attractor I can hang in my trees? Many thanks. Steve

    PS I even grafted four new varieties into each of my older trees so I have 16 varieties if the flies would only show up!!


    • Thanks for your comment Steve. Late freeze is highly likely this year. I lost all my blooms in Pittsburgh due to late freeze, as did an acquaintance in Afton, Virginia, and I know others throughout the region who did as well. As for attracting pollinators: many folks don’t do a thing. There’s a farmer in central Maryland with over 1,000 trees and he doesn’t do any tricks to attract pollinators and always has wonderful fruit set. That said, if you want to attract pollinators, the best bait is probably just whatever you have on hand! Corwin Davis used roadkill. More in the book! (Your grafting will surely soon pay off–till next year!)

  2. I live in Beamsville Niagara Region, Ontario. I have 3 Pennsylvania Golden PawPaws that have fruited for the past 3 years. My trees are young and I have counted around 50 fruits that should be ready to eat at the end of September, early October.

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